What is QA?

We’ve had lots of questions about how the new QA membership works... so to make it easier for you we pulled them together all in one place. We are also taking you behind the scenes and showing you inside the Membership, so you can see exactly how it works.

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Zebra in the bathtub

“System Driven, Not Symptom Driven”

There’s a step by step process any physician can follow to get predictable, lasting results by working with the body's existing neurological hierarchy. This approach ensures that you'll always know where to start with every patient you see – and never be left wondering what to do next in your treatment process.

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What is IRT?

About 80% of the patients I see have “muscle memories” of one or more of their previous injuries. These “muscle memories” contribute to the present problems and complaints that the patient reports. It is the “muscle memory” of an injury that is corrected by IRT. 

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