QA Book Memorial 3rd Edition

A(K) Clinical Protocol Reference Manual


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The QA Book Memorial Edition thoroughly encompasses the QA Course, offering users added insights for improved applications in clinical practice.

It includes:

New procedures from “Beyond IRT” (Session 16)
A fully illustrated Chapman’s Reflex Chart
A Memorial page honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Wally Schmitt
Minor format changes enhancing efficiency of use 
A deluxe, padded, hard bound, black, easy clean, gold embossed cover ensuring that the material is well protected for years to come
A two page procedural outline in the Books beginning, giving you the “30,000 foot” overview, so you can easily navigate the QA clinical process
A fully tabbed design on durable card stock so you don’t have to waste time with pages that stick together
A comprehensive appendix containing supplemental clinical procedures, considerations, and resources
Specific instructions so that you can quickly and efficiently review any procedure within the constraints of time allotted to a standard office visit
A three ring binder making navigation of the thick durable pages both quick and easy

Physicians and nurses in hospital rooms and emergency wards around the country have had access to clinical protocols and manuals for years - but this is the first manual of its kind for precision medicine.

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Dr. Schmitt discusses the history of the QA Book, and what you'll find inside.

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"I have used the core protocols in the QA Book for several years. I have seen results that weren’t supposed to be possible... I began expecting amazing things to happen. The QA Book will show you, step by step, how to create dramatic results, reliably and systematically... the kind of results that get the word around that you are capable of great things."

Sam Yanuck, DC

Adjunct Professor, UNC School of Medicine

"The QA Clinical Protocol is the best system I have found for fixing what's wrong with the patients I see. This is the first time in 25 + years of practice that I feel total confidence that I am able to help any patient that comes into my office no matter what their condition. If you want to help patients as efficiently as possible, with certainty that you are addressing the underlying cause of their problems, QA is for you. Simply put, the QA Clinical Protocol is absolutely brilliant."

Glen Matejka, DN, DC, DACBN, CCN USA

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