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Our Most Popular Plan: All 16 Sessions of the QA Course, all 54 Supplemental Webinars, QA Audio (explains the thought process behind QA), QA Forms and a copy of the QA Book  shipped to the address of your choosing at no extra charge

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"This protocol and these seminars are a Godsend. Since beginning to study AK a couple of years ago, it has been unsettling not knowing when to apply what. The tools and instruction you give us are so potent that it puts QA Docs far above the norm in efficacy...I truly couldn't wish for better !"

Robert Morrison, DC, DIBAK


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"QA has put AK into an order that makes sense. It enabled me to get results I previously never dreamed of. It is very comprehensive and worth learning for every person interested in AK. "

Anita Ginter, MD, DIBAK

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"The QA Clinical Protocol is the best system I have found for fixing what's wrong with the patients I see. This is the first time in 25 + years of practice that I feel total confidence that I am able to help any patient that comes into my office no matter what their condition... the QA Clinical Protocol is absolutely brilliant."

Glen Matejka

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CE credits available for the course?

Yes! Currently, both Session 1 & 2 have been approved for 12 hours of continuing education (each) for chiropractors in the following states: NC, CA, FL, TX, NY, IL, PA, and OH. We are working on getting the rest of the course certified and we will be including more states as well.

Is QA a course designed for doctors of all types?

QA is a course for any licensed doctor interested in treating patients with a physiologically sound and neurologically organized, treatment protocol. Although the protocol’s premise does not necessarily require Applied Kinesiology for its effective application, AK procedures are the primary treatment modalities taught in the QA educational experience. However, any effective clinical approach can be employed and will be enhanced by placing it in the step-by-step protocol.

How will I be charged for my purchase?

Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged to Whole Health Publishing, the online publishers of this content.

Do you offer student pricing?

Yes! If you are currently enrolled in a medical program (DC, MD, ND, DO, DOM, L.Ap), simply email [email protected] for information on student pricing.

How long Is each session?

Each of the sessions is approximately 9 hours of video. The sessions are divided into 5 parts that are about 2 hours long. They are also time stamped which allows you to easily navigate to a particular topic to review.

I have a high volume practice: won’t this protocol slow me down so I won’t be able to see as many patients?

The protocol is designed for use in any style of practice (low or high volume). It is just a matter of how much of the protocol is performed during each office visit. Beginning procedures should always be performed, as should assessment and treatment of local problems. This may take as little as two or three minutes. The use of this protocol will make your office evaluation and treatment procedure more efficient and effective..

How soon after purchase will I be able to access my QA Sessions?

Immediately after purchase you will be sent logins (for this website) to access all your purchased QA Sessions on demand.

My question is not covered here. What should I do?

Please email [email protected]  with your question and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Some questions may require more time than others, but rest assured that all questions will be answered.

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