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The only place to learn the QA Clinical Protocol online directly from Drs. Schmitt and McCord. The Course gathers over 40 years of experience in Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology to help you get better results for your patients.

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Get instant access to all the course material so you can study whenever you want, wherever you want, as long as you have internet access.

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The course takes you step-by-step through the procedure that will help you get to the root of your patient's problems and get them the best results in the most efficient way.

Pick what you need

The clear table of contents and time stamps on each video make it easy to review just that part of the material that's most relevant to you in any given patient situation.

Printable patient forms

The included print-friendly forms make it easier than ever to keep track of your patient reporting, documentation, and education.

For every physician

Whether you're a chiropractor, acupuncturist, MD, DO, DDS, or other physician, the QA Protocol will get you results systematically.

CE Credits

Continuing Education Credits are available for each session in many states of the United States.

"This protocol and these seminars are a Godsend. Since beginning to study AK a couple of years ago, it has been unsettling not knowing when to apply what. The tools and instruction you give us are so potent that it puts QA Docs far above the norm in efficacy...I truly couldn't wish for better!"

Robert Morrison

The Official Chiropractor for the Broadway Cast of Hamilton

What You Get

Exclusive access to the complete Quintessential Applications video course

 200 hours of clinical education divided into 15 thematic sessions. Each session consists of around 9 hours of video material and comes with its own knowledge expansion webinar.

Every video is timestamped so you can easily review specific bits of information and the downloadable session notes in print-friendly PDF-format make it easy to follow along.

Session 1: Pain Relief
Session 2: Low Back
Session 3: Shoulder - Part 1 / Fatigue & Inflammation - Part 1
Session 4: Shoulder - Part 2 / Fatigue & Inflammation - Part 2
Session 5: Spinal Adjusting / Fatigue & Inflammation - Part 3
Session 6: Head & Neck - Part 1 / Immune System - Part 1
Session 7: Head and Neck - Part 2
Session 8: Digestive System
Session 9: Lower Limb/Low Endocrine Function Problems
Session 10: Adrenal Stress Syndrome / Emotional Techniques
Session 11: Chemical Hypersensitivities / Liver Detoxification - Part 1
Session 12: Upper Limb / Liver Detoxification - Part 2
Session 13: Hyperinsulinism / Stopping Joint Degeneration
Session 14: Common Glandular Dysfunctions
Session 15: Common Metabolic Dysfunctions/Immune System - Part 2

The Quintessential Applications "Beyond IRT" seminar

This video seminar addresses:

How to correct chronic and persistent loss of ranges of motion by favorably influencing the metabolic state of the neuron.
How injury patterns are affected by disturbances in the central nervous system.
How to easily use this knowledge to correct difficult and routine spinal and limb problems.
How to use AK Biofeedback for pathological and functional problems including accidents, strokes, and brain injury.
How to use this information within the context of the QA Clinical Protocol.

It includes:

5 high-quality recordings of the Beyond IRT lectures, including live patient demonstrations.
Integrated presentation slides.
A printable PDF booklet that helps you understand the context of everything you learn and confidently integrate the techniques with your patients.
3 bonus webinars that help you improve your application of the Beyond IRT principles.
Time stamped for easy reference.

QA Book Memorial 3rd Edition

The book fully represents the QA Course, providing the user with additional distinctions for enhanced applications in clinical practice.
A deluxe, padded, hard bound, black, easy clean, gold embossed cover ensuring that the material is well protected for years to come.
A deluxe, padded, hard bound, black, easy clean, gold embossed cover ensuring that the material is well protected for years to come.
Specific instructions so that you can quickly and efficiently review any procedure within the constraints of time allotted to a standard office visit.
A comprehensive appendix containing supplemental clinical procedures, considerations, and resources.
A fully illustrated Chapmanā€™s Reflex Chart.
A Memorial page honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Wally Schmitt.

As well as...

A collection of print-friendly forms to help you with your patient reporting, documentation, and education.

What Other Doctors Say

"This is My Office Bible"

Matt Kesher of New York reveals how QA has impacted his life, including "increased referrals, I no longer have to remind patients to come in, they'll call me like clockwork... and increased supplement sales."

"The Best Way To Organize What We Do"

Dr. Dale Porter reveals how QA is just as good to study at home as it is in the sessions - and how it is possible for "miracles" to show up much more frequently, in your practice.

"The QA Clinical Protocol is the best system I have found for fixing what's wrong with the patients I see. This is the first time in 25+ years of practice that I feel total confidence that I am able to help any patient that comes into my office no matter what their condition. If you want to help patients as efficiently as possible, with certainty that you are addressing the underlying cause of their problems, QA is for you. Simply put, the QA Clinical Protocol is absolutely brilliant."

Glen Matejka


Many thanks indeed for the QA Course, it truly puts all the building blocks together, has vastly improved my clinical outcomes, and enhanced the enjoyment of my practice life! QA is, without a doubt, the most complete system I have ever encountered... and the results, instantaneously, speak for themselves.

Dr. Matthew Bourne


Many graduates are intimidated to start seeing patients professionally, but I couldn't wait! That is a true testament to the peace of mind that the QA Clinical Protocol provides. I take every patient through the protocol every day and the response has been incredible. They have been so appreciative of the thorough attention that QA offers, and the loyalty and referrals have been remarkable.

Jacob Liskowiak


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