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Technical Issues

Q: I’m having video playback issues.

A: If the video stops playing or doesn’t load the first thing to try is simply reloading the page.      

We use Vimeo as our video and provider and there are some known issues with the Safari browser. We recommend either Google Chrome or Firefox

Often clearing your browser cache will help. For instructions on how to clear your cache go here-

The videos are optimized for fast playback. If the videos seem like they are taking too long to load, check your internet speed. You should have a minimum of 10mb/s download speed. To test your internet speed go here-

Q: I have forgotten my username/password.

A: To reset your password go here. Your username will be the email you used when you signed up. Enter it and a new password will be sent to you. If you have forgotten the email you signed up with email [email protected] and we will assist you.

Q: Is it possible to just get individual sessions?

A: Yes, you can buy QA sessions individually here: If you are already a member, any new sessions you purchase will be automatically added to your account. After you have logged in, you will be able to access them through the QA Sessions menu in the upper right corner.

Questions on the Quintessential Applications Course

Q: Is the QA Course a Basic Course in AK? 

A. The QA Course is COMPREHENSIVE and may serve as an introductory course for those new to Applied Kinesiology (AK) while simultaneously enhancing the knowledge of experienced AK doctors. The QA Course utilizes fundamental principles of AK taught in the context of the basic sciences of neurology and biochemistry. For more information about the Quintessential Applications Clinical Protocol, watch these videos.

Q: Will I be able to use the techniques taught in the QA Course in my practice?

A: Absolutely! The techniques taught are applicable to, and can be implemented in, any style of practice.

The QA Course includes:

· Integration of topics taught within the context of the QA Clinical Protocol
· Demonstration at each session of the application of the accumulated QA Clinical Protocol
· Re-organization of clinical thinking in accordance with fundamental concepts of chiropractic neurology and nutritional biochemistry

Q. I have admired Dr. Schmitt’s seminars in the past, but I don’t seem to be able to easily implement and apply what he teaches. Is the QA Course any different?

A. Yes it is! First of all, the QA Book will be your constant companion, reference point and road map. All procedures in the QA Book are organized according to the neurological hierarchy taught in the QA Course: step-by-step and page-by-page. 

Second, the QA Course material has been planned so that all techniques taught are comprehensively discussed and appropriately reinforced in practical application workshops. 

Third, there is an emphasis on integrating each session's new material (techniques and procedures) within the context of the QA Clinical Protocol.

Q. Is the QA Course right for me? Who can use it?

A. The QA Course is designed for all doctors interested in remarkable clinical outcomes, including those with:
· No AK experience
· Diplomates in AK
· No chiropractic neurology experience
· Diplomates in chiropractic neurology
· No nutrition experience
· Diplomates in Nutrition

It has been used successfully across various branches of medicine including chiropractic, natural medicine, and osteopathy. Practitioners include DCs, MDs, NDs, acupuncturists, dentists and even veterinarians

Q:Is the QA Course for chiropractors only?

A. The QA Course is for any doctor licensed to diagnose and interested in treating patients with a physiologically based, basic sciences driven, neurological hierarchy for the ordered application of clinical procedures and techniques (the QA Clinical Protocol). It is important to note that although the QA Clinical Protocol does not require AK for its application, AK procedures are the primary diagnostic and treatment modalities taught in the QA Course.

Q. What is the thought process behind the QA Clinical Protocol?

A. Dr. Schmitt produced a 35 page paper for the 2005 Proceedings of the ICAK USA Annual Meeting (Paper of the Year) discussing the thought process that underpins the QA Clinical Protocol. He subsequently created an audio recording of that paper (QA Audio) replete with cogently interjected commentary and pertinent discussion of  "The Neurological Rationale for a Comprehensive Clinical Protocol Using Applied Kinesiology Techniques."

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