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Neurological Tools For Daily Use

We’re excited to announce the publication of two previously unavailable seminars from Dr. Wally Schmitt.

No Stuff Stuff


Neurological Tools For Daily Use

No Stuff Stuff was conceived after Dr. Schmitt found himself in a situation where he needed to treat a patient without access to his usual tools and testing substances.

During a seminar, Dr. Schmitt was asked to treat Dr. Phil Maffetone, a renowned figure in the field of AK and a good friend. However, lacking testing materials, Dr. Schmitt had to improvise.

To Phil’s amazement, he found that Wally elicited similar responses from the body without having access to the substances usually needed in the assessment process.

In No Stuff Stuff, Dr. Schmitt unveils the physiologically sound secrets behind this method of evaluation and assessment.

Through a series of simple, yet powerful procedures, Dr. Schmitt will demonstrate how you can assess and treat patients comprehensively when you don’t have access to the traditional tools and testing substances used in AK assessment and daily practice.

Dr. Schmitt discusses how he uses No Stuff Stuff in his practice.

Neurological Tools for Daily Use draws on the rich tapestry of chiropractic neurology, as Dr. Schmitt delves into the intricate realm of assessing neurological function through the use of muscle and indicator testing as somatic windows on neurological function.

Throughout the seminar, Dr. Schmitt navigates common patient presentations, from sleep disturbances to bilateral limb problems, to digestive issues, unraveling the intricate web of neurological patterns underpinning these conditions.

You'll discover how the delicate interplay between the right and left sides of the nervous system, from the cortex to the spinal cord, influences clinical outcomes.

Watch this clip from the intro to Neurological Tools For Daily Use

You will have access to two weekend Master Class seminars.
The equivalent of 24 hours of clinical education.

What's Included

No Stuff Stuff: What to do When You Don't have Your Test Kit

How to use sensory challenges that simulate gustatory challenges
How to assess electrolytes without a test kit
How to use visceral referred pain (VRP) challenges to assess hormonal patterns
Learn how to treat structurally and think chemically OR treat chemically and think structurally
And much more...!

Neurological Tools for Daily Use

How to assess for sympathetic/parasympathetic balance
Learn to assess neurological disturbances in bilateral limb problems
Understand the underlying cause of chronic Ileocecal valve problems and how to correct it
Deepen your understanding of the connection between TMJ and the immune system
And much more...!

Imagine how many more patients you’ll be able to help! 

If you’re ready to learn these techniques, now is the time to act.

There is nothing else like it. 

And of course, it’s backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy, simply email us, and we’ll refund your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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No Stuff Stuff
Neurological Tools


No Stuff Stuff
Neurological Tools For Daily Use
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