HOW qa doctors CAN NOW USE THe advanced methods & tools of


To Treat Patients With Memory Problems, Depression, Immune Dysregulation, and Other Persistent and Chronic Difficulties! 

For The First Time, Dr. Schmitt's Highly Sought-After "Brain On Fire" Seminar Series is Available In a New Digital Reference Format

We Are Facing a Growing Epidemic And 

More And More People Will Desperately Need Your Help!

More and more patients are walking into our offices with immune systems attacking their bodies instead of protecting them…

Patients are suffering from lupus to rheumatoid arthritis, to Crohn's disease,  ulcerative colitis, and more…

What’s worse…this epidemic is rarely spoken about in public.

The current solutions are not cutting it.

For example, in the allopathic world, doctors are trained to treat autoimmune diseases with drugs… the goal being to suppress the immune system…

Give the patient the drugs

Stop the progression……

And you’re a good doctor, right?

Not so fast! Drugs do not address the root cause. They simply control, slow down, and in some cases, stop the progression of the disease. And far too often, these drugs create other issues that must then be dealt with.

There must be a better way to address autoimmune disease!

And… if you are willing to enhance your skills and discover new ways to treat autoimmunity… the opportunities for professional development are endless.

Not only will your patients thank you…

You will become the type of doctor that attracts new patients from miles around.

Dr. Schmitt’s “Putting Out the Brain On Fire” seminar series is the most complete training out there, with over 40 hours of footage, where Dr. Schmitt provides you with step-by-step guidance, giving you the theory and demonstrating LIVE how to diagnose and treat autoimmunity and inflammation in the brain. 

Brain On Fire is the only program of its kind to give doctors an accurate and effective framework to address autoimmunity at its core.

The Brain On Fire Protocol Was One Of Dr. Schmitt's many Outstanding Contributions

After more than 30 years developing the thought process known as QA, he spent many more years taking “side trips”, investigating additional concepts, as he was confronted with even more challenging presentations in practice and innovated from knowledge gleaned from scientific literature.

During these sessions, Dr. Schmitt showed— with theory and LIVE demonstration—how to treat those “challenging” patients with memory problems, bipolar disorder, immune dysregulation, persistent and chronic difficulties, etc.

That’s right! The “Brain On Fire” protocol is unique in how it integrates structural, chemical, and mental procedures to optimize brain and brainstem function…

And gives doctors a structured, simple-to-follow approach to the immune system and inflammation through AK testing…

With the ultimate goal of helping patients “Put Out The Brain on Fire.”

That’s why this NEW “BRAIN ON FIRE” DIGITAL version is so attractive and will be so convenient for you..

Everything is now online. All the lessons, the live demos, PLUS you will get downloadable course notes, procedure notes, and more… and, it will soon be time-stamped for ease of viewing.

Which means…

You’ll have direct access to the advanced methods and procedures to treat those difficult and problematic patients at your fingertips.

We were trained to be doctors, not entrepreneurs. It takes time and effort.  It takes sacrifice and commitment.  And most of all, it takes courage.

You need courage to constantly evolve your practice and enhance your expertise to serve patients at the highest level.

As my own practice evolved over the years, I can tell you that while the financial, spiritual, and emotional rewards fulfilled my noble purpose...

At times, I also felt the burden.

Because… as my reputation grew, so did my patient flow…

I began to attract a special class of patients with persistent and unrelenting symptoms.

You may be experiencing this phenomenon as well…

As a QA doctor, you possess a unique set of skills…

 And once you help patients with their persistent problems, those patients tell their friends and loved ones, until one day, people are traveling from miles around to see you.

Of course, this allows you more flexibility and freedom to build your practice to serve this new demand in the best way possible…

Maybe that means working with fewer patients…

Or… You might switch to an all-cash practice…

Or… spend more time doing research…

Whatever the benefits…

You must also continue to use your skills to help those patients with mysterious symptoms, complex patterns, and/or deep-rooted trauma.

As QA (AK) doctors, we believe (as Dr. Schmitt did) that all of humanity—whoever you are and wherever you may live—deserve the very best in natural, holistic, low-cost, low-tech health and wellness care.

These patients need you.

That is why Dr. Schmitt  worked tirelessly to continuously bring us new insights combined with highly effective concepts, techniques and procedures to help our most challenging cases.

Now — this unique protocol is available for you!

With “Brain On Fire” under your belt, you will leverage your existing knowledge of QA and be armed with even more understanding and clinical procedures to treat patients who need your help.

No matter who walks into your office…You’ll always be able to provide the best possible care.

Introducing "Brain On Fire" Digital

Full immersion from the comfort of your own home. The series consists of 4 sessions, filmed live with two cameras and direct audio feed. Each session represents a 12-hour live weekend seminar including workshops (just like the QA Course).
Quick and easy reference of clinical protocols. All 4 Sessions of the "Putting Out the Brain On Fire" seminar series include supportive notes, papers, and clinical procedures. Simply flip open your laptop, and jump to the concept, technique, or tool you need. 
Faster and convenient learning resources. In addition to the videos, you’ll have downloadable course and procedure notes.
Build upon your existing QA knowledge. As you might imagine, the concepts taught in “Brain On Fire” There is no other system like it.  And… as you might imagine, it is  are best applied by those aware of and competent in the application of the principles and procedures taught in the QA principles and procedures Course.
Made for exceptional busy doctors who want need practical and exceptional and proven HOW-TO techniques and procedures

Depending on your practice, 10% of your current patient load may be experiencing ‘brain on fire’.

For others, it may be well over 50% of your patients.

Either way, there is no doubt that when you have the right tools to treat all kinds of patients that walk into your office, you stand out from the crowd, and you will enjoy more new patient referrals and lower stress. 

What does "Brain On Fire" mean? Play the video below for a brief introduction of the concept from Part 1 of the course.

Dr. Melissa Tang

“Prior to using QA & Brain on Fire concepts, I was somewhat successful with the functional medicine approach.  As I found out later, my problem was, I didn't understand the other half of it. That other half is ‘functional neurology.’  I was only addressing one piece of the puzzle. However, in ‘Brain on Fire', Dr. Schmitt puts it all together.”

Most doctors who complete “Brain On Fire” say…

…”it’s like an advanced course in Functional Neurology.”

So let’s talk about Functional Neurology for a moment.

Why is it so important for holistic oriented doctors?

 As you may know, Functional Neurology is a specialty that aids in diagnosing and rehabilitating simple and complex neurological conditions without pharmaceuticals or surgery.

It’s a powerful way to expand your knowledge and provide better care for your patients.

For doctors who want to learn Functional Neurology…

There are some great programs out there that provide a good starting point…

However, most of these programs fall short in showing how functional neurology, functional biochemistry, inflammation and immune function relate.

Dr. Schmitt gets right down to business, sharing how to implement this integrated knowledge in a clinical setting.

Through LIVE demonstration and precise presentation of theory…

He shows you how to perform the procedures needed to assess and treat problems that adversely affect and/or are primarily associated with disturbances in the brain.

 That is key!

 Because you learn functional neurology in context…

See the process of assessment and treatment in action…

And then implement these concepts to help your patients.

It is true that one of Dr. Schmitt’s greatest gifts is taking the complicated and making it easy.

In the “Brain On Fire” seminar series, he breaks down each step to show you exactly how to assess and address otherwise complex issues and persistent symptoms.

By moving sequentially, from one test to the next, you can  accurately assess and intervene in all manner of chronic conditions.


Session 1

Cooling Off the Mesencephalon:

Session 1 includes 4 parts, each containing approximately 2-3 hours of content
Learn  key principles and concepts of neurology
Live demonstrations of different areas of the nervous system presenting different patterns of muscle weakness or tightness
Identify  autonomic, endocrine, and immune system imbalances reflected in the mesencephalon (midbrain) 
Better  understand the root cause of these imbalances and how each can impact the central nervous system, both above and below the mesencephalon. 
Newly discovered TMJ movement related findings 
Better  understand the relationship between the TMJ and nervous system imbalances
Dr. Schmitt will demonstrate how and when to address nervous system imbalances in an orderly fashion


The Neurology, Immunology, & Nutrition of Right Brain – Left Brain

Practical procedures for precisely identifying & treating nutritional and immunological needs associated with brain hemisphere imbalances
Specific muscle testing patterns to help identify the most important nutritional, immunological, and structural factors associated with cortical hemispheric problems
Specific treatments to provide effective corrections that are immediately observable
Address Issues present in many of our patients, but not often recognized.


Finding & Fixing Brain Chemistry: Inflammation & Neurotransmitters 

Why chemical imbalances arise and lead to degenerative or destructive activity in the central nervous system 
An in-depth discussion of inflammation and altered neurotransmitter chemistry
How to identify each patient’s brain’s unique biochemical needs
How to make specific nutritional recommendations to obtain the most robust response


Balancing the Brain with Hands-On Neurological Corrections 

How structural and visceral imbalances negatively impact the brain and interfere with normal function
Using information from Sessions 1, 2, & 3, learn organized neurological challenges to identify the specific needs of each patient including addressing “centering the spine” issues
You will develop the skills necessary to correlate structural, chemical, and mental assessments and therapies and achieve optimal neurological function for your patients.

You won’t find a more comprehensive training on the advanced methods and procedures to treat patients with memory problems, bipolar disorder, immune dysregulation, persistent and chronic difficulties, and a vast array of other neurological symptoms.

Imagine how many more patients you’ll be able to help! 

And all at absolutely no risk to you.

Your purchase is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy, simply email us, and we’ll refund your money. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. 

Discover how some of the world’s most accomplished doctors are treating “hard-to-help” patients and getting incredible results. 

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Putting Out The
"Brain On Fire"

$1596  $1499

BOF Session 1: Cooling Off the Mesencephalon
BOF Session 2: Right-Left Brain & Immune Dysregulation
BOF Session 3: Inflammatory Cytokines & Neurotransmitters
BOF Session 4: Balancing the Brain: Neurological Corrections
Includes Powerpoint Notes
Clinical Procedures
Supporting Papers
And More...
View On Any Internet Enabled Device 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy, simply email us, and we’ll refund your money. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. 


Walter Schmitt


Dr. Schmitt was the first physician to hold Diplomate status in both Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology. He was renowned for his innovative use of manual muscle testing for functional neurological and neurochemical assessment.  Dr. Schmitt authored over 70 papers for the ICAK, two books for physicians, and one book for the public.

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