September 29, 2020
by Dr. Wally Schmitt

 What is QA?

We’ve had lots of questions about how the new QA membership works... so to make it easier for you we pulled them together all in one place. 

Also, the video just below takes you behind the scenes and inside the QA Membership. Play the video below for a sneak peek into QA Home Study.

What is the QA protocol?

Quintessential Applications (QA) is a clinical protocol, which serves as a roadmap for a doctor to follow in the clinical application of their techniques. 

QA is a synthesis of 30 years of clinical observation. It presents a physiologically based paradigm for what to do first, next and last on any patient that walks into your office.

As my colleague, Dr. Kerry McCord says, "The order in which you do the techniques is more important than the techniques themselves."

The QA Protocol helps reduce stress by organizing your clinical thinking. This leads to a more efficient, and often remarkable outcomes.

Why does the QA Protocol work better?

The QA Protocol works better than other approaches because it synthesizes both biochemistry with neurology. It not only puts together a textbook quality level of information, but also organizes it such that it provides the best outcomes for patients in the most efficient way. 

Is the QA course designed for doctors of all types?

QA is a course for any licensed doctor interested in treating patients in a physiologically sound and ordered manner. Although the QA Course uses Applied Kinesiology (AK) for its most effective application, it is not required.

I have a high volume practice. Won’t this protocol slow me down?

We designed the QA Protocol for use in any style of practice (low or high volume). It is only a matter of how much of the protocol is performed during each office visit. 

Are CE credits available for the course?

Yes! Up to 12 hours of chiropractic continuing education credit for QA Sessions 1 & 2 are available in the following states: NY,WV,VA,TX.

Also, ALL Sessions of the QA Course are approved by PACE for chiropractic continuing education in the following states: AR, AK, KS,ME,MA,MN,OK,NC

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