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QA Course

Learn the QA Clinical Protocol from Drs. Schmitt and McCord.

The QA Course represents over 200 hours of clinical education providing you innovative techniques and procedures and a context for clinical thinking that answers the question: What Do I Do First, Next and Last?

QA Enhancement Webinars

Webinars Designed To Expand Your Treatment Repertoire and Give You Procedures That Dramatically Improve Your Patient Outcomes

Brain On Fire Course

Treating Patients With Memory Problems, Depression, Immune Dysregulation, And Other Persistent And Chronic Difficulties

Recommended Prerequisite: QA Course

Clinical Pearls Courses

Clinical Pearls Seminars draw from the wisdom and clinical acumen of Dr. George Goodheart.

Dr. Schmitt will show you how to use indicator testing such as range of motion and pain to identify the therapies and substances that will best serve your patients needs.

This seminar series does not require expertise in manual muscle testing and is specifically designed for any practitioner wanting to improve real-time clinical outcomes for the patients they serve.

Clinical Nutritional Pearls
 Parts 1&2

Immune System &
Digestive Mastery 

Mentoring Course

How To Build A Successful, Highly Rewarding, Low-Volume, Cash Practice

Follow along as Dr. McCord mentors Dr. Lyon on creating a QA low-volume cash practice. And... discover how you can do it too.

QA Book

Memorial 3rd Edition

The QA Book Memorial Edition accurately presents all the material taught in the QA Course and offers users additional distinctions and insights to better apply the knowledge in clinical practice.

Quintessential Applications Book

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