Learn how to build a successful, Highly Rewarding,
 low-volume, cash practice

Follow along as Dr. McCord mentors Dr. Lyon on creating a QA low-volume cash practice.  And... discover how you can do it too.

Dr. Matt Lyon started his career as an associate doctor where he learned how to build a high-volume chiropractic practice. He later established his own practice based on this model and it grew quickly.

 But something was missing.

Wanting to dig deeper into the complex issues his patients were facing, Dr. Lyon remembered the Applied Kinesiology course he'd taken with Dr. Wally Schmitt and decided to change course. He sold his practice and dedicated himself to the study of Quintessential Applications.

The next step?

Dr. Lyon set out to establish a QA low-volume, waitlisted cash practice by January 2022 while also enhancing his mastery of the QA Clinical Protocol. He knew he needed help to reach this ambitious goal and so he asked Dr. Kerry McCord to mentor him. 

The result is an 18-month mentoring program that you can follow to learn how you too can establish your own, QA low-volume cash practice.

The sessions are recorded live and the recordings made available so that you can follow along at your own pace.

The Goals

Based on the desired outcomes of the mentee, this mentorship works to achieve the following goals:

A coherent and consistently performing QA low-volume practice structure and flow.
The development of an optimal pricing strategy.
The integration of the clinical forms found online at the QA Home Study course.
A deepened mastery in communicating the QA process to patients to encourage patient compliance and referrals.

What You Get

Follow along for 18 months as Dr. McCord mentors Dr. Lyon through:

Twice-monthly, 1-hour calls

Dr. McCord will answer Dr. Lyon's questions about how to establish a QA low-volume cash practice. Dr. McCord will also help deepen his expertise in the use of the QA Protocol.

Mentoring of patient treatments

Dr. McCord will periodically guide Dr. Lyon in the treatment of patients to help him improve his use of the QA Protocol.

Treatment of a colleague in need

Observe, with Dr. Lyon, how Dr. McCord uses the QA protocol during the treatment of a colleague. This is currently scheduled to take place over the course of three days, for two to three hours daily.

Dr. Lyon and McCord on moving to a low-volume, cash practice

Watch along as Dr.McCord helps Dr. Lyon build his practice.

Review mentoring sessions online.
Get instant access to past sessions.
Replay sessions as often as you like.

Mentoring sessions are scheduled to take place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. Eastern Time. Recordings will then be posted for review.

What Other Doctors Say

"I take every patient through the protocol every day and the response has been incredible. They have been so appreciative of the thorough attention that QA offers, and the loyalty and referrals have been remarkable."

Jacob Liskowiak, DC

Your Mentor

Dr. Kerry McCord

As a practicing chiropractic physician specializing in Applied Kinesiology since 1973, Dr. McCord has studied with 8 practice management firms, extracting universal and common principles used in practice building, practice management and patient communication.

In February 1974, after entering his first practice management program (Master Start), he purchased a chiropractic practice in St. Petersburg, Florida-with no money out of pocket.

In 1979, he sold that practice, traveled nationally and internationally for more than a year, re-entered practice in that same facility, and doubled the size of his previous practice within a year.

In 1989, after studying with a number of practice management firms, he contracted to build a 5000 square foot facility in which he established an insurance-based, multi-disciplinary practice which included four chiropractors, a medical doctor, a psychologist, a dentist, physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists and more — a total of 27 employees and independent contractors, billing between one and two million dollars annually.

In 1998, after some soul searching, he began to separate himself from this high volume, high stress, insurance-based practice environment and began the transition that would lead to the establishment of a high quality, low volume, low stress cash practice.

In 2002, he began collaborating with Dr. Walter Schmitt, and within two years, Dr. McCord realized that what Dr. Schmitt had developed was a game-changer for the practice of Applied Kinesiology and natural medicine. Inspired by this sudden epiphany, Dr. McCord became the catalyst for the production of the QA Book, the QA Audio, and the QA Course.

In June 2020, he was inspired by the request of Dr. Matt Lyon to begin a QA Mentoring program that would not only serve Dr. Lyon but would also serve others for years to come. Dr. McCord continues to teach Quintessential Applications with Dr. Walter Schmitt and maintains practices in St. Petersburg and Tallahassee, Florida.

Learn to establish your own successful, highly-rewarding,
 QA low-volume, cash practice.

Get instant access to the mentorship area where you'll find recordings of the past mentoring sessions as well as the QA forms to use in your own practice.

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