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"I have used the QA protocols for several years. I have seen results that weren’t supposed to be possible... I began expecting amazing things to happen. The QA Course will show you, step by step, how to create dramatic results, reliably and systematically... the kind of results that get the word around that you are capable of great things."

Dr. Sam Yanuck DC, FACFN, FIAMA

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation UNC School of Medicine

Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, MD's, Naturopaths, and Health Specialists in over 75 countries around the world are using the QA Clinical Protocol, a powerful framework for identifying and treating the root cause, not just the symptom.





"The Best Way To Organize What We Do"

Dr. Dale Porter reveals how QA is just as good studied at home and how QA makes it possible to witness “miracles” often in daily practice.

"Wisdom Beyond My Years Of Clinical Experience"

A recent Chiropractic College graduate shares how he and his patients have benefited from QA.

The Quintessential Applications Protocol was developed by Dr. Wally Schmitt

Play the video to hear Dr. Schmitt discuss the origins of Quintessential Applications.

Dr. Schmitt has helped thousands of physicians from across the globe become highly sought-after experts in their fields.

Building upon the foundations of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Schmitt developed the QA Clinical Protocol to empower physicians to treat patients with confidence.

When you can quickly and accurately diagnose the most challenging patient symptoms, you'll enjoy happier patients, greater fulfillment from your work, and more freedom in your life.

With Quintessential Applications you'll feel more confident having the tools, techniques, and procedures used by successful doctors worldwide

"Finally, someone has done the near impossible! Imagine the 40+ years of AK organized into a workable…hierarchy of what needs to be done first, second, and next. Follow the QA protocol and know what to do for any patient on any visit."

Dr. Scott Walker, Founder of Neuro Emotional Technique

QA has put AK into an order that makes sense. It enabled me to get results I previously never dreamed of. It is very comprehensive and worth learning for every person interested in AK.

Anita Ginter, MD, DIBAK Germany

"I take every patient through the protocol every day and the response has been incredible. They have been so appreciative of the thorough attention that QA offers, and the loyalty and referrals have been remarkable."

Jacob Liskowiak, DC

Your 1-Week Free Pass to Dr. Schmitt's QA Program Grants You Access To:

In ALL QA Sessions you will learn new techniques and procedures for diagnosing and treating your most difficult patients, helping you more efficiently achieve remarkable outcomes.

200 Hours of clinical education with over 100 pages of course notes helping you to learn the techniques and procedures more easily and effectively!
All the QA clinical forms, handouts and peer-reviewed papers for your reference to enhance your clinical practice!
QA Session by Session Enhancement Webinars expanding your understanding of concepts discussed in each session and enhancing your ability to help your patients achieve their optimum potential.
A vast library of concepts, tools, techniques and procedures, meticulously organized for quick access and real-time application in any clinical setting.

"This protocol and these seminars are a Godsend. Since beginning to study AK a couple of years ago, it has been unsettling not knowing when to apply what. The tools and instruction you give us are so potent that it puts QA Docs far above the norm in efficacy...I truly couldn't wish for better !"

Robert Morrison

The Official Chiropractor for the Broadway Cast of Hamilton

Make No Mistake!

Dr. Schmitt’s QA Program is the only one of its kind that systematically organizes the most relevant clinical procedures - including structural, neurological, biochemical, and emotional - into a clear hierarchy of what needs to be done first, next and last.

Follow the  steps…

Build mastery with each technique you learn…

Change the way you think …

And see how healing and helping the most difficult
 patients becomes second nature!  

So, what are you waiting for? 

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