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Pain Relief
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Low Back
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Shoulder Part 1
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Shoulder Part 2
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Spinal Adjusting
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Head and Neck Part 1
Session 7
Head and Neck Part 2
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Digestive System
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Lower Limb
Session 10

Adrenal Stress

Session 11

Chemical Hypersensitivities

Session 12

Upper Limb

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Session 14

Common Glandular Dysfunctions

Session 15

Common Metabolic Dysfunctions

Beyond IRT

When IRT is Secondary

About Your Teachers

Wally Schmitt, DC, DIBAK

Dr. Schmitt was the first physician to hold Diplomate status in both Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology. He was renowned for his innovative use of manual muscle testing for functional neurological and neurochemical assessment.  Dr. Schmitt authored over 70 papers for the ICAK, two books for physicians, and one book for the public. Most recently, he was the recipient of the ICAK-USA 2023-2024 David Walther Award for a Lifetime of Contributions to Applied Kinesiology and the Steadfast Pursuit to Ease Human Suffering.

Kerry McCord, DC, DIBAK

Dr. McCord is a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology, ICAK Teacher of the Year 2022, and Adjunct Faculty, National University of Health Sciences.  In 2002, he began collaborating with Dr. Schmitt and teaching the body of work now known as Quintessential Applications. Dr. McCord was the catalyst for the production of the QA Book (co-authored with Dr. Schmitt), the QA Audio (ICAK paper discussing the QA thought process) and the QA Course.

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