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"Finally, someone has done the near impossible! Imagine the 40+ years of AK organized into a workable…hierarchy of what needs to be done first, second, and next. Follow the QA protocol and know what to do for any patient on any visit."

Dr. Scott Walker

Founder of Neuro Emotional Technique

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QA Session 1: Pain Relief
QA Session 2: Low Back
QA Session 3: Shoulder - Part 1 / Fatigue & Inflammation - Part 1
QA Session 4: Shoulder - Part 2 / Fatigue & Inflammation - Part 2
QA Session 5: Spinal Adjusting / Fatigue & Inflammation - Part 3
QA Session 6: Head and Neck - Part 1 / Immune System - Part 1
QA Session 7: Head and Neck - Part 2
QA Session 8: Digestive System
QA Session 9: Lower Limb / Low Endocrine Function Problems
QA Session 10: Adrenal Stress Syndrome / Emotional Techniques
QA Session 11: Chemical Hypersensitivities / Liver Detoxification - Part 1
QA Session 12: Upper Limb / Liver Detoxification - Part 2
QA Session 13: Hyperinsulinism / Stopping Joint Degeneration
QA Session 14: Common Glandular Dysfunctions
QA Session 15: Common Metabolic Dysfunctions/Immune System-Part 2
QA Bonus Session: Beyond IRT
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PLUS QA Audio: Neurological Rationale
PLUS QA Forms: Reporting, Documenting, Patient Education
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