A Clinically Proven Protocol To Define and Address The Root Cause Of Your Patient’s Condition

Know What To Do First, Next, And Last
With Every Patient Who Enters Your Office

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QA is, without a doubt, the most complete system I have ever encountered...
and the results, instantaneously, speak for themselves. 

- Matthew Bourne, Registered Osteopath UK

What is the QA Clinical Protocol?

The QA Clinical Protocol is a diagnosis and treatment system that improves patient outcomes. The course consists of 16 sessions on video. Each session, filmed live over the course of 16 weekends, is now presented online for the first time. Click here to see a summary of each session.

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  • Identify the true root of your patient’s condition – even when other physicians can’t – enabling you to treat them more effectively and efficiently

  • Develop treatment plans that provide patient relief and ensure the cause of their symptoms does not return

  • Develop your practice by building a reputation for effective and efficient treatment – regardless of your patient’s condition

How The QA Protocol Makes Your Treatments
More Effective And More Efficient

When you follow the QA Protocol, you won’t be left wondering where you should start, or what you should do next, with any given patient.

Instead, you will always have confidence in your ability to know what to do first, next, and last.

This is because the QA Protocol provides a step-by-step framework for diagnosing and treating the true root cause of your patient’s symptoms.

Instead of simply treating surface level symptoms, the QA Protocol empowers you to treat your patient on a systemic level, identifying what has caused their condition, and how it can be permanently resolved.

Physicians have used the QA Protocol to produce dramatic results for their patients, even when others have failed, by following this step by step approach.

Two Popular QA Case Studies

How An Australian Chiropractor Used QA To Heal A Desperate Woman When Everything Else Had Failed

In 2016 Dr. Dion Sargeant submitted two videos of a patient. They were filmed fifteen minutes apart during the same appointment. You can see them edited side-by-side below.

Before you do though, read Dr. Sargeant’s clinical notes on treating his patient’s scapulo-humeral dyskinesia ("frozen shoulder"):

"70 year old female presented with chronic right shoulder and anterior chest pain. Please see attached video file demonstrating before and after shoulder range of motion which clearly reveals the extent of scapulo-humeral dyskinesia. The patient has seen a list of previous practitioners ranging from other chiropractors, osteopaths, myotherapists, energy healers, psychic healers and hypnotherapists without much resolution in the condition.

Injury history revealed quite an extensive list of injuries and surgeries throughout the body. After performing IRT to all of these the change in movement patterns was dramatic!"


Note how the patient struggles with multiple attempts to raise the arm before treatment, and how the arm is smoothly lifted in one attempt after a single treatment.

Marietta, GA Chiropractor Eliminates Intractable Foot Pain With Quick, Gentle Micro Manipulation

In January of 2017, Dr. Melissa Tang of Marietta, Georgia presented a case study of a 52-year-old Navy Reservist with a history of painful fallen arches. A former offensive lineman, the patient had an extensive history of injury presenting with persistent, inescapable daily pains and permanently fallen arches. He had worked with numerous other physicians, but none had been able to provide substantial relief.

Taken On A Foot Levelers 3D Scanner, This Image Shows The Patient’s Fallen Arches Before Treatment

In treating the patient, Dr. Tang applied a micro manipulation of the talus, part of Injury Recall Technique (IRT), which she had learned in QA Session 1: Pain Relief. This quick, gentle adjustment stimulates the talar reflex and restores normative neuromuscular functioning (often disrupted by trauma and injury).

Taken One Session After Injury Recall Technique (IRT) Was Applied

3 years on, the results are remarkable. The patient’s symptoms have been either reduced or eliminated, and his fallen arches have remained permanently fixed. He is now completely pain free on most days, and was able to continue in his role as a Navy Reservist.

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If after reading the case studies above, you’d like to learn more about Injury Recall Technique used by both physicians, confirm your details in this form and we’ll give you access to Dr. Schmitt’s 10 minute IRT lecture - free.

Four More Physicians Share Their Experiences Using

How To Tell If You Should Study
And Use What You’ve Learned Tomorrow

If you treat patients on a daily basis, helping them to overcome the issues that impede their health, we believe you’ll benefit from using the QA Protocol in your clinical visits. To date, the QA Protocol has been used by physicians from a wide range of branches of medicine, including:

  • Medical Doctors

  • Chiropractors

  • Naturopaths

  • Osteopaths

The QA Protocol is powerful framework for any physician who believes in treating the cause, not the symptom, providing consistency and simplicity in the diagnosis and treatment processes… and generating remarkable results for patients.

"I take every patient through the protocol every day and the response has been incredible. They have been so appreciative of the thorough attention that QA offers, and the loyalty and referrals have been remarkable."

- Jacob Liskowiak, DC USA

What Makes The  QA Protocol Different?

As every physician knows, there is no shortage of extra information for us to study. However, what is missing is an abundance of clinically proven, immediately applicable material that you can use to be a better doctor with your very next patient.

"Dr. Schmitt is an excellent presenter. The material is clear and immediately applicable in treatment. These are very worthwhile."

- Kathy Alexander DC

How The QA Protocol Makes Your Treatments
More Effective And More Efficient

  • Each session of the QA Protocol is divided into multiple videos, complete with an easy to navigate table of contents. Your videos never expire, and you can watch them at your own pace – pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding as you like.

  • All sessions of the QA Protocol include a copy of session notes, which you can use to follow along with the teachings of Drs. Schmitt and McCord. Print them off for to refer to as you make notes, or simply keep them open as a quick reminder in your office.

  • Once you’ve purchased a session of the QA Protocol, you can access your materials from any device with an internet connection. This includes your iPad at home, the computer in your office, or even on your phone on the way to the office.

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Dr. Scott Walker, Founder of Neuro Emotional Technique

Finally, someone has done the near impossible! Imagine the 40+ years of AK organized into a workable…hierarchy of what needs to be done first, second, and next. Follow the QA protocol and know what to do for any patient on any visit.

Dr. Scott Walker, Founder of Neuro Emotional Technique

About Your Instructors,

Wally Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN

Dr. Schmitt is the first physician to hold Diplomate status in both Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology. He is renowned for his innovative use of manual muscle testing for functional neurological and neurochemical assessment.  Dr. Schmitt has authored over 70 papers for the ICAK, two books for physicians, and one book for the public.

Kerry McCord, DC, DIBAK

Dr. McCord is a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology. In 2002, he began collaborating with Dr. Schmitt and teaching the body of work now known as Quintessential Applications. Dr. McCord has lectured nationally and internationally on stress, stress-induced illness and Applied Kinesiology.